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Between seams – Entre costuras – Galiza enxebre!

maquina antigua galiza enxebre

Between Seams – Entre Costuras. – Galician Tradition! You can find lots of extraordinary colours calling for your imagination just by walking along the Miño river. For example, the oxide, heritage of time, or the eternal invasion of green. Pure Galician folklore!

Caminando a orillas del río Miño, puedes encontrarte con colores extraordinarios que seducen la imaginación. Oxido, color heredado del tiempo y verde invasión eterna, Galicia enxebre..



Having a degree in audio-visual communication, I am passionate about the wonders of nature and its design. I love the forest and I really enjoy exploring it and taking photos. I have been living in Ourense, a city of Galicia, for 14 years, where I enjoy the magic of its wonderful flora!